Manufacturing and testing

Hello, everyone. I am Haoying’s plant manager. Our production facilities are organized into five workshops, including metalworking, color coating, cleaning, assembly, and quality control workshops.
Within Haoying’s plant, there are a wealth of processing machines including, but not limited to, color coating line, large stretch forming machine, punch press, CNC machines and assembly lines.
Our operators responsible for their operation are all equipped with significant experience, with most of them accumulating over ten years work experience. So, these staff are well-versed in drawing readings from and in the operation of detection devices.
In this way, the processing quality and production efficiency are firmly guaranteed.
The assembly workshops operation is divided into different sections and groups. The design helps to achieve a more fluid collaborative effort between our staff members and the highest levels production quality and efficiency.
Before being delivered to customers, finished products are sent to the quality control laboratory. In this lab, real-time acquisition of current and voltage at different points is carried out under monitoring of a microcomputer.
With the data, the self-regulated load will be measured for the testing of related specifications, such as voltage regulation accuracy and current regulation accuracy. Only qualified products will be sent to our customers.