Hello, everyone. My name is Sam and I am a proud staff member here at Haoying. Please allow me to introduce our product showroom to you, which you can see is filled with a diverse selection of our high-quality products.
These are our electric hot plates, available in different styles and equipped with different functions.
Haoying’s electric hot plates enjoy a universal popularity among overseas markets, especially in Holland, Russia, and countries from Europe and America.
These are Haoying’s electric griddles, electric skillets, electric steamboats and electric barbecue grills. In last two years, they have become quite popular in South Africa, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India and other countries around the world.

Please note our featured products – pizza makers and cake baking pans.
Finally, I will introduce our new products and our futuristic products – liquid fuel stove and charcoal barbecue grill. These products are quite popular for those who love picnics and barbecues.

This is Haoying’s portable gas stove, which is just one of our liquid fuel stove varieties.

Our charcoal barbecue grill is one of the preferred products of our barbecue loving clients.

This is Haoying’s electric barbecue grill. It heats food using electricity, which ensures a stable and uniform heating effect with easy operation.

This is one of Haoying’s electric hot plates. This electric hot plate is characterized by a concise and elegant appearance, zero electromagnetic radiation, easy operation, and is very eco-friendly.

Haoying can provide a custom cake baking pan, whose shapes, patterns and colors are specified by customers for better appearance and use.